St Vincent local fishing boats

ST. VINCENTMap St Vincent

Population: 120,000 approx
Square Miles: 133.
Capital: Kingstown
Currency: EC Dollar
Power: 220V
Language: English

St. Vincent is a Lush, volcanic ( and the largest, so the tourist brochures say), of the 32 isles and cays that make up the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. St. Vincent’s dark rocks and moody coastline has been made famous by the first Pirates of the Caribbean film and one of the Tobago Cays for hosting the drunken scene with Jack and Elizabeth. St. Vincent has no international airport although one is under construction. not sure if that's good news or not as so far the island has stayed fairly tourist free and natural. Having recently shot the Travel Channels “No reservations” with Anthony Bourdain through St. Vincent and the Grenadines we met wonderful people and are now experts on the local cuisine. Opossum was not a favourite but helped by being washed down with the local “Strong Rum” - Eyes watering and nose running. one should believe the label and the fact that locals set fire to it to check that is hasn’t been watered down by your less scrupulous bar tender.

Kingstown is a wonderful town, a working town not damaged or “tided” by tourism. The markets spill through the streets and are the main place to shop, not supermarkets, a forgotten pleasure.