Grenada Stream Forest

GRENADAGrenada Map

Population: 97,000 approx.
Capital: St. George's
Currency: EC dollar
Power: 220V
Language: English

Description: Rolling hills, mountains and fragrant spice trees cover this 252 sq. mile island. Interior contains waterfalls, rivers and rainforest as well as a mountain lake. Tourism is heavily developed in the South where there are a few pale beaches; most other beaches are volcanic grey. St. George's is one of the most beautiful towns in the Caribbean: horseshoe-shaped and overlooking a bay, its red-roofed and sun-faded warehouses, shops and homes are connected by narrow, winding streets that fairly burst with activity. Vibrant and traditional open-air market.

Carriacou and Petite Martinique -- geographically part of the Grenadines -- make up the nation of Grenada and lie just to the North. These are charming islands, sparsely populated, with fine beaches and beautiful water colours. Inhabitants are mostly boat-builders of Scottish descent and the aquamarine waters are dotted with brightly painted wooden schooners.