The Caribbean region, which is also known as The West Indies, and also called the Antilles, is divided into The Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles and the Netherlands Antilles. Confused Yet?

Caribbean Crews experience focuses in the southern Caribbean or Lesser Antilles. This area (again rather confusingly) is divided into the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands, depending on their exposure to the northeast trade winds.

Some islands are volcanic in formation. some are coral. but, it is not just these factors that influence each Caribbean island to make them unique, individual islands. Anguilla, Antigua, Trinidad and Tobago, even though adjacent to each other have their own distinctive character, formed not only geographically but historically and culturally which can be seen in their architecture, cuisine, art and their very landscape. Many of the islands are now independent, although some are still dependencies of the Netherlands, france, or Britain.

On the Caribbean Crews website you can find more information on individual islands in the 'islands' section.


1.  Geology determines the color of the beaches. Coral islands like Barbuda or Anguilla have white sand beaches. Volcanic islands like Dominica or St. Vincent have dark or black sand beaches.

2.  The West coast of each island is the calm Caribbean side – here the waters lap gently against the beaches.

3.  The prevailing wind is from the East. The East coast is the Atlantic, windward side where the sea is darker and deeper and waves crash against the rocky coastlines. There are just a few hidden coves that any aspiring pirate would have given his eye teeth for.

4.  the Caribbean climate is tropical. We have beautiful clouds, that help create those famous dramatic sunsets that go hand in hand with planters punches and pina coladas!

5.  Altitude and proximity to South America (latitude) influence rainfall and vegetation. Flatter islands are not known for their jungle. Although high, lush islands such as Dominica with its waterfalls, are tailor-made for Tarzan.

Over the years Caribbean Crews has set foot on every Caribbean island. We've worked, explored and pinpointed thousands of locations and have amassed a huge library of digital images which we are happy to share with you to help you find your ideal location.