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Louise Sandiford
Skene Howie
Raquel Sabeeney

A bit of a long story, but not a tall story : Caribbean Crews started operating as a line production company in the Caribbean in 1995, but before this momentous occasion we had other lives that led us to this point.

Louise, who now runs the office in Antigua, worked for photographer Graham Hughes for several years, followed by a production company, both in London. After moving to the Caribbean in 1985 it was just a short time before London companies rang up (it helped when the phones were installed) and asked for assistance with shoots throughout the Caribbean islands. This was probably the birth of the first production service company in the region.

10 years later ( still awake?) a group of crew got together and formed Caribbean Crews, each person bringing with them a history of involvement with film, photography or production in some way, from somewhere. Raquel originally from Trinidad, just to be different has roots in theatre, and she now runs the Tobago office with Skene. Skene in turn had his training in the UK and lived in Antigua before moving south. Others (we would love to name all but simply canít and keep you reading) have come and gone - staying a few years before leaving to forward their careers, always returning to visit, sometimes to stay.

Caribbean Crews meanwhile has its constant crew and the company has now mushroomed its way through every bar, we mean island, with fixers in just about every port, on just about every island - and a location reference library to suit. We have full time offices in Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago. We are willing to assist with all forms of shoots - our teams are bespoke, (just love that word!).

You can see a list of our recent productions on another page - but meanwhile here is a video made in Antigua and Barbuda. It gives a flavour of the islands and moreover shows that Caribbean Crews can be a production company as well as a production service company.

The Carib House - Antigua & Barbuda   [click to view]
"The Caribbean As A Location For Shooting" - By Louise Sandiford   [click to view]