Antigua view from English Harbour



Population: 69,000 approx
Square Miles: 108
Capital: St. John'
Currency: EC Dollar
Power: 110V/220V
Language: English
Dependency: Independent

Antigua is where Caribbean Crews has its main office - and for good reason. Antigua has the most wonderful beaches with mind boggling water colours, rolling hills (not too strenuous to climb) and a variety of landscapes from rain forest to salt flats.

Famous for sailing, the yachting centre of the island is based in a restored Georgian dockyard built in 1750 for the British Navy and full of stunning yachts. In the winter it seems Cannes has moved west.


Population: 1,500 approx
Square Miles: 62
Capital: Codrington

Barbuda is blissful - it has one village, Codrington, on the inside of a lagoon - the outside of this west facing lagoon is formed by a long, (15 ?) mile white white (with a hint of pink) sand beach - no one to disturb your peace.

There is a sense of freedom created by the isolation that can still be found here, in fact we shot the BBC's "Bare Necessities" amongst the Atlantic coasts wild craggy outcrops, cliffs and caves.

The West coast the best beaches we know. For a small island it certainly has big landscapes. The village is like a cowboy town rough bars and nice people. Codrington is the only place we know where the rubbish bins are rummaged nightly by race horses. Just love it.