House Exterior Domincan Republic

DOMINICAN REPUBLICDominican Republic Map

Population: 8 million approx.
Capital: Santo Domingo
Currency: Dominican Peso
Power: 110V
Language: Spanish

Description: 48,482 square kilometers. Larger half of Hispaniola (the other half being Haiti). Diverse geography, ranging from arid semi-desert plains to deep green valleys within dense rain forests. One third of the coastline is vast stretches of beach -- and though tourism has encroached, there still remain many unspoiled and magnificent golden-sand beaches. Interior has three main mountain ranges which run roughly parallel to each other in an East/West direction. Pico Duarte, the highest mountain in the Caribbean (over 10,000 feet), is frequently covered in thick snow during the winter months. Rivers, rapids, waterfalls and mangrove swamps -- with an alligator or two -- are also present. Downside of this beautiful country: poverty.