The Caribbean has a stunningly wide selection of geographic locations. The islands run from Latitude 10° to 27° North and weather variations can be dramatic at times.

The "Trade Winds" which blow across the Atlantic from Africa and the elevation of a particular island are just two of the environmental factors which influence the weather in and around each island. It is no exaggeration to say that each island has its own unique micro-weather system.

For example:

Barbuda is a particularly low lying island - the highest point is 125 ft. It has a desert-like landscape with cactus and scrub, but it also has the most spectacular beaches and water colors.

Dominica is a volcanic and mountainous island with a high annual rainfall resulting in lush jungles, waterfalls, boiling lakes and gushing rivers.

Regional Averages:

Daylight Hours: Approx. 11 hours of good daylight.
Wind Direction and Speed: Easterly at 12 knots.
Temperature: Daytime 85F / Nighttime 75F.
The Wet/Hurricane Season: Officially June to October: however, "hurricanes hardly ever happen" -- and even more rarely in the southern most islands of the Caribbean which is beneath the hurricane belt. September has the reputation of being the most active month.

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