Caribbean Crews budgets in US Dollars. We can arrange to set-up accounts in your name so you can draw on them in the applicable currency when you are here. We can also advise and coordinate wire transfer of hard currency funds into the account. Credit cards are widely accepted. However, VISA and Mastercard are preferred.

The US dollar is accepted in most of the islands (some of the French islands turn up their noses). Although individually they have their own currencies.

As a guide:

  • The EC Dollar (Eastern Caribbean) is the primary currency in all the English speaking islands. It is pegged to the US Dollar at EC$2.60 to US$1.00.
  • Exceptions include Trinidad & Tobago (TT Dollar), Barbados (Bajun Dollar), and Jamaica (Jamaican Dollar).
  • The French islands use the Euro. The Dutch islands use the Antillean Gilder.