Caribbean Islands Accomodations


Caribbean islands offer accommodation of every kind - from the very exclusive “boutique” hotels to large resorts or simple guest houses. Eco resorts are now becoming more plentiful and, thankfully, film-production friendly.

There is always the option of renting a private villa or chartering a yacht. And, if you really want to get fancy you can stay on your very own private island.

Private islands may run a little on the high side - but what fun – and whatever your needs Caribbean Crews are able to negotiate very good rates to help you stay within budget. And all these options come with the necessary staff to enable you to concentrate on the production. Voltage varies between the islands. So, to avoid sparks, please check with us on your chosen location. Most have both 110v and 220v with USA plugs: electricity around the world.

Communications are becoming more efficient and reliable: mobile phone services are plentiful with extensive coverage. Broadband internet access is available in most places – although possibly not in the remoter spots ... yet.

Caribbean Crews have favorite hotels that we return to time and again: some because they are great for handling large crew and providing production offices, casting and rehearsal areas along with large storage facilities and others for their singular charm and resourcefulness.

Whatever your needs, we will endeavor to accommodate them. We have even slept in tents whilst shooting in remoter places – surrounded by fireflies and the sound of tree frogs. But in the BBC Bare Necessities TV series you will be relieved to hear it was the contestants not the crew (or Caribbean Crews) that slept in caves and had to catch sharks for their dinner!